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About my images

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Working in the printing industry for the last 25 years played a major part in developing my interest in photography. Unlike many photographers I have only ever really worked with digital cameras starting with a Canon IXUS way back in 2004.

As the technology improved and my interest grew I graduated through the Canon product range from a Canon 400D to a Canon 50D then to one of my favourites, and my first full-frame camera - the Canon 5D MK2. I now use the Canon EOS R5 camera

In 2019, I relocated to Barmouth to focus on landscape photography and opened this gallery on the town's main street in December 2022. I am a loyal Canon user, relying on my Canon R5 camera for most landscapes, and have recently incorporated drone photography into my work.

All of the prints are created and framed on-site in Barmouth by me using archival printing and framing materials.

Image Processing and Printing

I only shoot in RAW and process my images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

No sky replacement or any other composition techniques are used unless stated.

In my studio, - my screen and printer are calibrated to ensure maximum colour accuracy.

Prints are printed in house on matt paper - I currently use the following papers -

- Permajet Heritage Range Smooth Rag 310gsm Fine Art Paper 

- Permajet Heritage Range Etching 310gsm Fine Art Paper

- Innova Natural Soft Texture 310gsm Fine Art Paper

These  papers contain no optical brighteners which means they won't fade over time. The inks are also guaranteed for over 85 years ensuring that the colours stay vibrant for as long as possible.

And lastly, when framing  I use acid-free tapes and barrier boards to back the prints, again ensuring longevity.

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