About my images

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I currently shoot raw images with my Canon EOS R mirrorless digital camera. 

Shooting raw files as opposed to jPegs means that the camera sensor collects the maximum amount of image data and applies no in-camera filters or preferences to the image.

I import my images in to my "digital darkroom" for processing. The majority of my image processing is carried out in  Adobe Lightroom. Here I will tweak colour, saturation, sharpness and carry out any selective editing such as bringing down highlights and bring up detail in the shadows. Occasionally I will use Photoshop to remove any unsightly blemishes and distractions.

To date, I have not used any sky replacement techniques or adding in objects that weren't there. If I do, I will state this in the image's description.

My aim is to project the feel, ambience and often, the beauty in the landscape that I see before me and transfer that in to the image that I create. 

Verdun House

We are currently in the process of refurbishing an old 19th century house and gallery space located on the high street in Barmouth. We hope to have this gallery space open towards the end of  2021.

The gallery will feature my own work along with a  carefully curated collection from other local artists.

In addition selected prints will be available online in the future.

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